EuroHub Pharma Logistics’ premises are in a privileged location with an easy access to the Athen’s International Airport, as well as the port and custom office of Lavrio. In addition the distance among our premises and the port of Piraeus is eliminated through Attiki Odos. The company first site is located in Markopoulo Attica (1st entrance of the Olympic Shooting center) and cover over 4,500 square meters. The company second site is located in Keratea Attika (Kefalis st. Business Park Keratea) and cover over 16.000 square meters. 

At our facilities, temperature and humidity are monitored on a 24-hour basis so that they are always within the limits required for the receipt, storage and distribution of medicines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, by certified procedures and instruments.

Finally, the premises are protected by security 24 hours a day.